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Adding NO to the Argon or Argon / Helium mixture does the trick

by Johan Lindström, and Ola Runnerstam, AGA AB, Sweden

The effect of NO (nitrogen monoxide) as an additive in shielding gases has been used successfully for many years as a patented solution to reduce ozone levels in the welders breathing zone. New findings have concluded that the NO addition also has a very good effect on the welding properties in MIG and TIG welding of aluminium. Adding NO remarkably stabilises the arc, giving an improved control of the weld pool and results in a more regular surface of the weld together with a substantial increase of the penetration.

Introduction The use of aluminium has increased dramatically over the last couple of years and so has the welding of aluminium. Great effort is currently put into increasing the knowledge how to weld aluminium in a more productive and quality oriented environment. This also means that there is a continuous development of welding consumables, such as shielding gases.

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